Is It Time for Carpet Replacement?

It’s about the time of year where we are going to spending a lot more time inside. A lot more time inside means that you are going to be seeing a lot more of your carpet and hardwood flooring. Have you ever wondered how you will know when it’s truly time to get new carpeting? Not just when you are tired of looking at it, but what are the real reasons to go ahead and make the leap for carpet replacement? Let’s find out!

carpet replacement

Worn Down from Foot Traffic

Over time, a carpet will be worn down from people walking over it in the same spots over and over again. You may notice this on your own carpeting in the entryway, in doorways, in high traffic areas in the living room or hallways, and other places. When you begin to see the carpet wearing down in these spaces, it may have a few years left, but it’s time to consider what you want to do for carpet replacement. If you leave the decaying carpet too long, it could wear all the way through and be painful to walk on and could cause injury eventually.

Stains, Smells, and Mold

If you have any of these problems, you should plan to replace your carpet. Your carpet can cause your air quality to decrease by holding in bad odors and mold and when you walk on it releasing that into the air for you to breathe. Plus, when you have multiple stains on the floor, it’s hard to feel proud of your home when guests are over. If you’re having these problems with your carpet, give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect carpet replacement for your home.

carpet replacementIndentations from Furniture

When you move around the furniture in your home, do you notice that there are sometimes indentations from heavy furniture in the carpet or rug? This is matting. It happens when the heavy weight of the furniture squishes the fibers of the carpet. While this can be taken care of in some instances by professionals if you really love the rug, sometimes the indentations can be difficult or even impossible to fully get back to normal. In this case, unless you want to keep that furniture in that spot forever, it may be time to consider carpet replacement.

Vonderheide Floor Coverings Co. is Your Carpet Replacement Center

If you’re looking to replace your carpet because of any of the reasons above, or because you just don’t like the style, why not make a trip to Vonderheide Floor Coverings Co. and look through our large selection of carpets, hardwood, rugs, and more. We can help you make the best decision for your home based on style, location, and traffic. Give us a call or stop in for a visit today to learn more about our options.

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